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, but many of our professional schools also provide continuing education. The classes range from medicine and teaching to business, leadership, winery management and forensics.

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UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

are offered by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education in high-demand areas such as project management, informational technology and leadership as well as in specialized fields such as health sciences, sustainability and professional winemaking. Classes are offered online and in the classroom.

Professional school courses

久草免费新视频14Our professional schools can also help you update your education:

Educators: Keep current through our School of Education’s .

Lawyers: Our School of Law provides State Bar-approved .

Nurses: Receive continuing education units through UC Davis Health’s .

Physicians and allied health professionals: Improve patient care through learning activities supported by UC Davis Health’s

Veterinarians久草免费新视频14: Be on the cutting edge through our School of Veterinary Medicine’s

Wine business executives: The Graduate School of Management and the Department of Viticulture and Enology offer the .