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 continues to innovate its MBA curriculum with  courses that combine our business expertise and corporate partner network with UC Davis’ global leadership in food and agriculture, biotechnology, sustainable energy and technology finance. 


’s research and teacher education programs are driven by our commitment to equity and social justice. Our vision is that all students, from kindergarten through college, can have access to a quality education. Our programs include degrees for a Ph.D., Ed.D., M.A. and a teaching credential.


Watch our video, Join the King Hall Community,久草免费新视频14 to learn more about the ’s program and how it might fit you.


A line of medical students from UC Davis in white coats being inducted into the class
A new class of medical students, complete with white coats and stethoscopes, are ready to be inducted into UC Davis School of Medicine. (UC Davis)

about our to see how our students learn in an environment in which ideas thrive and successful professional careers begin.


In this video from the , Dean Heather Young and others explain how our nursing school offers bold and innovative education.

Veterinary Medicine

Learn more about the School of Veterinary Medicine and why our students love it here.