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(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or is the gateway to most financial aid—even state and UC Davis aid. Students should submit their application each year by March 2 for priority consideration.

Apply for scholarships

For new students, the serves as the application for campus-based scholarships.

The office provides resources on outside scholarships and helps students apply for campus and prestigious external scholarships.

Pay by installments

You can pay registration and housing fees by installments through the . For a small fee, payments can be spread over a quarter or year.

Consider additional resources

Request aid for special purposes

Eligible students can receive such as Summer Sessions, study abroad, the UC Davis Washington Program, the University of California Center Sacramento and travel to international internships.

California Chafee Grant for foster youth

For current or former foster youth, the provides funding for college courses.

Aid for undocumented students

who qualify under AB 540 criteria may apply for most types of financial aid.

Contact us

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