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Timeline for transfer applicants

久草免费新视频14Plan your transfer admission process and use our timeline below to make sure you’re on track with meeting all milestones, deadlines and requirements.

First Year—Community College


  • Research your UC Davis major and familiarize yourself with prerequisite coursework.
  • Create a UC .
  • Meet with a UC Davis or California Community College counselor to discuss your transfer goals and plan a UC Davis (TAG), available at all California community colleges.


  • Oct. 1-Mar. 2: Apply for financial aid annually at or .


  • Attend Discover UC Davis


  • At the close of each term, update coursework and grade information on your UC (TAP).
  • Attend UC Davis in April.

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Second Year—Community College


  • Meet with a counselor to ensure you are on target with your transfer plan.
  • Begin working on your .


  • Submit your , September 1-30.


  • Oct. 1-Mar. 2: Apply for financial aid annually at or .


  • Nov 1-30: Complete and submit the , a requirement for all applicants, including TAG applicants.
  • Nov. 15: UC Davis TAG decisions are released.


  • Establish a UC Davis online account and check it frequently for updates about your admission status.


  • Jan. 31: Priority deadline to complete the .
  • Notify UC Davis of any changes in your planned coursework using .


  • Mar. 2: Submit your Cal Grant GPA verification form.
  • Mar. 31: Deadline to complete the .
  • Notify UC Davis of any dropped courses and D or F grades you receive during spring term at .

April-June 1

  • Check your UC Davis admission status and financial aid award starting late April at .
  • If admitted, apply for the UC Davis by May 1.
  • If admitted, submit Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) online by June 1. You may submit an SIR to only one UC campus.

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