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Clubs and Communities

, whether you are interested in cultural identity, religion, a future profession, artistic expression or community service.

Or, maybe you want to explore.  with a club or organization is an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills.

久草免费新视频14If you are looking for lifelong friends in organizations that contribute to the community, here’s another idea. Check out . Did you know that more than 10 percent of undergraduate Aggies belong to the 68 sororities and fraternities here?

UC Davis students love our campus for its strong sense of community. In addition to student clubs and Greek life organizations, we have  where you can find your home away from home. Places like the ,  and the — all located in our vibrant building — offer a space to connect, study, and find academic and social support. We also have resources specifically for , , and .

    Clubs for the student mind and body

    久草免费新视频14Playing club or rec sports offered through  or hanging out at our recently renovated Rec Pool are great ways to stay active and have fun with friends.

    久草免费新视频14Maybe you want to make a difference to your campus while having a lot of fun. Join one (or more) of the many campus organizations under the umbrella of the Associated Students of UC Davis, including: