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Your Health Matters

久草免费新视频14We want you to be safe — and well — at UC Davis. There are so many ways to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and at UC Davis all of them are top-notch and most are free to students thanks to regular student fees.

Look below for an overview of how UC Davis helps you practice wellness and safety as a student.

Fitness and fun

Campus Recreation久草免费新视频14 has you covered whether you need the social stimulus of intramural sports teams and sport clubs or the guidance and discipline of personal training. There's also dancing, martial arts, rock climbing and the . The  is on campus and long hours. Students have unlimited access because the center is paid for with registration fees. 

  • 久草免费新视频14Or something else?  Take that step to contact and feel better.

    Mind-Body balance

    Being well is about balancing your life. Get enough sleep (check out our ), drink enough water (ditto for our ) and eat your fruits and veggies (yes, we have a , too!). Dining on campus and in the city of Davis features the freshest, tastiest foods around. Or let a chef teach you how to prepare nutritious meals for yourself in one of our . 

    久草免费新视频14Don't forget to include relaxation as you balance your daily tasks. easy to unwind with  and other wellness services. Find locations on our by scrolling down the list to "Self Care Spots."

    Medical and mental health care

    Check out our site, , to find out about our mental health movement at UC Davis. We are raising mental health awareness, de-stigmatizing mental illness and cultivating mental health. 

    Even if you don't have the student health insurance plan (SHIP), as a UC Davis student you can get medical attention from . SHCS provides routine and urgent care, including services for mental health and alcohol and drug use. It also offers  to prepare you for study abroad久草免费新视频14 and international trips.

    久草免费新视频14It's simple to by phone or in person. There is also an online system that lets you write directly to your health providers and view or request forms and services. Experience for yourself why the we .

    The center offers a wealth of information for you. You might just wonder and how it relates to you personally. Also, you can find out about and follow the to keep current on health news. 

    How to Stay Safe

    久草免费新视频14The city of Davis and UC Davis campus have reputations for being among the safer college communities. That said, we ask students to be mindful of their safety.

    Bicycle safety

    久草免费新视频14Take our online course from the and learn the rules of the road. You can avoid accidents — and citations.

    Aggie Guardian

    Students can upload , a phone app available to anyone with a “” email address. Features include a virtual safety escort that allows you to alert someone if you haven’t arrived at your destination as well as the ability to make 911 calls, text eyewitness reports and create an Aggie Guardian profile. The app is free and optional.

    Safe rides

    久草免费新视频14UC Davis provides through our with:

    • wheelchair transport all week long at any hour
    • rides on campus to another campus location seven days a week 5-10 p.m.
    • rides from campus to drop off at any location in the city of Davis 10 p.m.-6 a.m.

    Call 530-754-2677 for a ride.

    Also, 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night during the school year, providing a free door-to-door transportation within Davis and the campus. Download the TapRide app on your smartphone or call 530-752-6666 for a ride.

    久草免费新视频14We also suggest you check out , which offers tips on reducing the risks of alcohol-related problems and how to keep your party from ending on a low note.

    Campus Security Report

    As provided by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, you are entitled to request and receive a copy of the  for the University of California, Davis, campus. The report includes statistics for the past three years concerning crimes and incidents reported to campus security authorities (whether the crime occurred on campus, in off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University, or on public property adjacent to campus). The report also provides campus policies and practices concerning security: how to report sexual assault and other crimes, crime prevention efforts, policies/laws governing alcohol and drugs, victims' assistance programs, student discipline, campus resources and other matters. You may of this report online by accessing the UC Davis Police Department web page or by submitting a request to the UC Davis information practices officer:

    Information Practices Officer
    Office of the Campus Counsel
    University of California, Davis
    One Shields Avenue
    久草免费新视频14 Davis, Calif. 95616


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