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is the primary campus resource for matters related to research. It leads the way in cultivating relationships with government and industry, assisting faculty in developing research and scholarly studies, and in coordinating the patenting and licensing of intellectual property.

久草免费新视频14UC Davis researchers address today’s most pressing challenges dealing with food, water, health, society, energy and the environment. In doing so, the university is improving the quality of life for people throughout California, the nation and world.

Schools and Colleges Research

Interdisciplinary research and teaching programs

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Programs A-B

Programs C (including Centers)

  • (formerly the Pacific Regional Humanities Institute)
  • (CIFAR)
  • (CLTC)
  • (CRPRC)
  • (formerly the Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Health)
  • (CSTARS)
  • (CRESS)

Programs D-L

  • (Determination of Effects and Long-Range Transport of Aerosols)
  • (DRINC)
  • (HIA)
  • (ICE)
  • (IDAV, formerly known as the Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing, CIPIC)

Programs M-R

  • (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders)
  • (NEAT)
  • (RMI)

Programs S-Z

  •  (formerly the Small Farm Center)
  • (SAFS)
  • (SAREP)