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Students Connect to Hands-on Learning 

Whether you’re interested in laboratories or libraries, at UC Davis you can get hands-on research experience. And you’ll be working with top-notch faculty mentors and some of the best graduate students in the world.

久草免费新视频14Undergraduates are encouraged to dive into at UC Davis. You can do it through on campus, at the UC Davis Medical Center, with local industry or under the guidance of a professor.


Define your college career with a capstone project

久草免费新视频14Many departments offer capstone projects that can define your college career. Our students may be co-authors on papers published in professional journals. They also have the chance to publish original research in . 

More than 700 students present their work at our annual .


Fellowships, travel awards and chancellor’s award

The and support undergraduate research activities, and the is presented annually to two top student researchers.