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久草免费新视频14In the spirit of sharing on social networks, it's best to link to others’ work and give them the proper credit, rather than to reproduce it.

No endorsements

久草免费新视频14We encourage you to use social media to share information about your work at UC Davis. However, any advertising, solicitation or overtly favorable acknowledgements or endorsements of third-party products and services is not permitted, except with express written permission of the university, in compliance with university policy. 

Stay on topic

Remember to stay on topic.  It can be difficult and frustrating for users to find information and/or to meaningfully contribute to the discussion when there is too much additional commentary unrelated to the topic of the posting.

Be transparent

久草免费新视频14Be honest about who you are. Clearly identify yourself and fully disclose any affiliation you may have with UC Davis; this can be a simple reference in your bio or an online statement. When referencing UC Davis online, make it clear that you're sharing your personal opinion and are not communicating on behalf of the university.

Inspire Dialogue

We strive to create an online environment that is welcoming, mutually respectful and inclusive, consistent with the . Civil and respectful dialogue promotes productive conversations with different ideas and points of view.

You are free to discuss and disagree with others regarding topics relevant to the purpose of the social media platform, but please don’t use ethnic and racial slurs, hateful speech, personal attacks, abusive language, nudity or pornography.

UC Davis reserves the right to block or remove the content of any post that violates UC Davis policies. Please be aware of the following policies:

  • U

Be aware of the Social Media Privacy Act

久草免费新视频14The , passed by the California Legislature in September 2012, prohibits public and private college employees and representatives from requiring or requesting a student, prospective student or student group to disclose, access or divulge personal social media account information. 

All content, information and views expressed on social media belong to the individual posting the content and do not necessarily reflect UC Davis’ official policies or positions.  The university is not responsible for unanswered posts or inaccurate information posted by others.

For questions, comments or to report abuse, send a message to

*Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yelp久草免费新视频14, blogs and more.