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  • (UC Davis Human Resources)
  • (UCOP Bencom) - view and update your benefits online
  • - all employees can benefit from the wealth of information at this site

Health, Family and Community

  •  A one-stop website for prospective or new UC Davis employees about surrounding communities as well as local and university resources
  • (ASAP)
  • offers confidential, cost free assessment, intervention, consultation and referral services

久草免费新视频14Campus support includes where to go for computing help, security resources, general information, equipment rental and repairs, and training.

Professional Resources

  • Services

    • ​UC Davis’ course management and collaboration system
    • (UC Davis Extension)
      Offers a wide range of collaborative services

    • Offers strategic planning, project planning, and management and employee effectiveness services

      • A guide to campus marketing and graphic standards

      • Available for campus use with Kerberos log-in
  • Business operations

    • Maintains, operates, and renovates the capital facilities and associated physical environment on the UC Davis campus
    •  (purchasing)
  • Policies

    • A guide to campus marketing and graphic standards
  • Employee associations
    • (campus Administration Management Group)


久草免费新视频14UC Davis has an extensive network of administrative and professional services.

Educational opportunities

Learn more about campus support for our many special communities.